Foot Massager

  1. Leg and Knee Massager

    Leg and Knee Massager is a compact device having double layered airbags which provides relief to calf & feet muscles. It is installed with a carbon fiber as infrared heating source whose temperature can be controlled as desired by the user. After rigorous exercise, this massager is the ideal choice to alleviate pain in your legs. It can easily be used while sitting on the sofa or office chair.
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  2. Leg Massager

    Using Leg Massager is a quick method to relieve pain, relax calf muscles, and feel a sense of freshness in your legs. It automatically detects the acupressure points and works accordingly based on the shiatsu, kneading, & rolling function. This massager promises improvement in the lymphatic & blood circulation, healing knee pain, and helping in the release of body’s natural painkillers including endorphins & amino acids. It also helps in nourishing cells and enhancement of waste elimination through sweat.
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  3. Electric Foot Massager

    Suitable for all leg sizes, Electric Foot Massager is required to alleviate chronic pain, improve circulation, and relaxation through its rubber kneading pads. It works on the principle of Chinese reflexology for easing tense muscles. This massager is designed to provide electronic stimulation on acupressure points in the sole of feet & calf. It is also known to be very effective for the people suffering from arthritis and joint pain.
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