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Massage Chair

  1. 4D Massage Chair

    No home spa is going to be completed without the accessibility of 3D Massage Chairs, and we can also say that no living room looks complete without these seating provisions. That’s why we’ve brought together the most comprehensive and complete array of the optimal quality chairs, appreciated for their quiet operation and well-stacked construction. Users accept that these work as the therapeutic chairs and assist in easing the pain grounded by rheumatism.
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  2. Multi Function Massage Chair

    We are dealing in Irest Massage Chairs, which are specifically configured for the exclusive body massage. These proffer easy accession to the back, shoulders, head and other body parts. Accessible with ergonomically configured man-portable chairs, these are helpful for the massage therapists so that they can provide on-site massage to all surroundings such as spas, trade shows, business offices, conferences, employee appreciation events etc.
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  3. Back Massage Chair

    We are dealing in Back Massage Chairs, which are specifically designed for the exclusive back massage. These enable easy accession to the shoulders, head and back of a massage receiver. Available with ergonomically designed man-portable chairs, these chairs enable the massage therapists to proffer on-site massage to all environments such as employee appreciation events, trade shows, business offices, conferences, and other corporate settings.
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  4. Deluxe Massage Chair

    In this fast and paced modern life, all of us need some time to take a break and sit in relaxation. Offered Deluxe Massage Chairs are the optimal ways to do it is via a revitalizing and soothing massage. These assist you to acquire relief from the body pain, but beyond that, these are proffered with other health benefits. Capable to ease anxiety and stress, these also help in lowering blood pressure.
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  5. Full Body Massage Chair

    Offered Full Body Massage Chairs are the optimal solutions picked up by personal massage therapists at their spas. These proffer a more affordable as well as user-friendly alternatives with the identical benefits. Appreciated for their prodigious features and flawless functions, these are specifically made to proffer full body massage that can bestow refreshing benefits to mind and body.
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  6. Swing Massage Chair

    Offered range of Health Massage Chairs aid in soothing aching muscles, and relaxing the body. Helpful in relieving tension, these are believed to give several health benefits such as boosting the immune system, relieving headaches, improving digestion, controlling minor depression and stimulating circulation. Helpful in aligning the spine, these come with a user-friendly design that ensure healthful seating and proper massage.
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  7. 2D Massage Chair

    A massage assists to simmer down the nerves and improve the blood circulation. Offered Luxury Massage Chairs are extremely helpful to gain relief from the body pain and make the muscles tight. The body's total performance also raises the person to act and work in a better manner. Offered cost effective options are applicable for massage parlors.
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  8. Vibrating Massage Chair

    We deal in Massage Chairs, which make your restful time even improved. The chairs can make you feel pampered with simple press of a button. These are also helpful in saving your monthly or weekly trips to the massage parlors so as to relieve the aching muscles. Standing as the best sources of therapy, relaxation and luxury all bound into one, these can capably boost your comfort level.
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  9. Office Massage Chair

    Investment in a treatment chair is an investment for health, rejuvenation and relaxation. Consequently, our offerings of Multi Functional Massage Chairs are not just the completely satisfying buying experiences but equally profitable utilization experience. Easy to use, maintain and handle, these chairs ensure the avoidance of friendless injuries and several other health problems. Meant for complete relaxation, these give massage to various body parts.
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  10. Electric Massage Chair

    As the majority of the stress and strain is trapped in the back muscles, we bring a specific array of Premium Massage Chairs, which are configured to soothe and fix the muscles. The special modules of these products mildly warm up to slowly reduce pain and stringency. These are also helpful in restoring healthy circulation as well as the inflexibility of the muscles.
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  11. Recliner Massage Chair

    We are dealing in Recliner Massage Chairs, which provide all the benefits of reclining chairs but with the capability to render a full body massage. Providing a complete range of massage treatments, these are organized for providing comfort and stand as the outstanding solutions for all homes & offices. The chairs proffer help in rejuvenating healthy circulation as well as the stiffness of the muscles.
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  12. Portable Massage Chair

    When you expend for the massage chairs of your aspirations, you are making an investment in the lifetime of quality and comfort. Offered Music Massage Chairs are capable to provide a dateless blend of relaxation, technology, aesthetics and sound. Via gentle swinging movements and pressure points, the airbags of these chairs expand and deflate to give superior relaxation and comfort. The music feature of these help in relieving tension and headaches.
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  13. Massage Sofa Chair

    Ergonomically designed, Whole Body Massage Chairs of ours have been found to assist in relieving stress as well as curing muscle pain. These are also helpful in dealing with the spasms and discomfort in patients troubled with fibromyalgia. or kindred maladies. The chairs help you to increase the blood circulation, soothing muscles, and bettering joint motions and flexibility.
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  14. Zero Gravity Massage Chair

    We provide a weightless experience to alleviate tension, prosody and muscle discomfort. Provisioned with zero gravity positions, the Zero Gravity Massage Chairs of ours are helpful in boosting the overall well-being. These are helpful in reducing the blood pressure, heart rate and stress. Beneficial for renewing a normal as well as steady heart rate, these aid in the transmission of oxygen-rich blood throughout the total body.
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  15. 3D Massage Chair

    3D Massage Chair operates by moving in & out and up & down to follow the natural curve of the spine. It works on the principle of reducing spinal pressure by evenly spreading gravitational force throughout the body. This chair is based on the adjustable 3D technology which allows user to control the amount of protrusion from the massage head. It promotes better sleep, increases flexibility, alleviates muscle pain, & increases flexibility.
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  16. Coin Operated Massage Chair

    Coin Operated Massage Chair is designed to work on the techniques used by physiotherapists & healthcare professionals and make user exactly feel like human touch. It is comprised of a physical shape sensor, which detects the body’s position on the chair and stiffness detector to monitor the pulse & sweatiness. This chair is capable of doing full body massage including both the calves and feet. It also consists of a coin box and is installed with an auto alarming function.
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  17. Robotic Massage Chair

    Robotic Massage Chair consists of a combination of motors, gears, & rollers that allows the user to experience a relaxing feel, which revitalizes the body. The complete assembly rotates around the microprocessor, which is considered as the brain of this chair. It is known to release the pressure from head to toe. The intensity of massage can be adjusted either by altering rollers from the frame or to adjust the proximity of user’s back with the help of pivot.
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